The Core of CORD

CORD indeed offers a systemic and systematic blueprint for managing attention and energy. Let’s explore the 4 essential habits at the core of our productivity system one by one so you can bring it into your life: 

Capture and Collect

Focus on your information inputsThese might be your own ideas, actions established during conversations with colleagues, paperwork, voicemails, social media notifications and of course the email inbox. Keeping each of these at zero, leads to the Zenlike calm and preparedness a Ninja needs.


Once we have all information inputs captured and collected together, the Organise habit is where we start to ask the crucial questions to ensure ruthless focus and peace of mind. It’s about applying consistent thinking that gets you to the heart of decisions and actions as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


The Review habit comprises daily and weekly checklists designed to help you direct your attention and focus for optimum efficiency, mindfulness and agility. It gives our inner boss the chance to shine and gives us the chance to step out of the chaos to find some clarity.


Of course, all of the above is of little value unless we’re in the habit of doing things! The Do habit focuses on working with your attention and energy levels, choices and momentum for optimum efficiency. It’s also about developing the mindfulness and unorthodoxy needed to avoid procrastination, keep things moving and feel positive about your work.

Want to know more? We lay out the CORD Productivity Model in detail in our workshops – and develop how to best implement it in your work.